Sunday, 5 October 2014

Current Favourites

Quick Stop At Primark

I popped into primark at Tottenham Court road the other day just to pick up a pair of cheap pumps for work. I ended up buying a few other bits which caught my eye. 

This black cardigan is well worth the purchase as the weather seems to be a bit out of control recently. Its perfect to throw on with a T-shirt and jeans or i bought it to pair with the dress i bought. They do a range of colours and the three quarter length batwing sleeves are perfect for the current weather situation and layering. 

Batwing cardigan - £12

This dress is my FAVE not only was it £5 but it is so comfy to wear. The tie at the bottom is really cool to as its made like shirt sleeves! with a pair of tights and black wedge heeled boots or even some flats its perfect to dress smartly with this one item. This is what i love with primark dresses they can be style so many different ways and can be worn casual or smart.

Shirt dress £5 (sale) originally £13 

I swear by these pumps. They are the most comfy shoes i have had from primark in a long time. They do a good range of colours and patterns too. I have quite long toes so pumps normally show some toe clevage haha! but these have a longer section at the front from there other pumps which they cover very well. For £4 they are perfect to wear with any outfit, i personally find them so good to wear to work. However they are quite thin so i advise not to wear them constantly to work as you may feel like your walking bare foot! Especially if you work long hours. But for £4 you can't go wrong.

Pumps £4 

Quick Cookie Fix

Soooo here something a bit different. I decided to share this as all you guys out there that love a quick sweet fix or don't have time to bake should give this a try! Im no expert on baking so the Betty Crocker cookie mix is £1.49 from Tesco. All you do is add two table spoons of water to the mix. Use a teaspoon to scoop mix onto a baking tray and then they go in the oven for 10-12 mins. 

They are so yummy especially when they are still warm! The mix makes up to 8 cookies but you could make more out of the mix depending on the size and thickness of the cookies you want. The cupcake mix from Betty Crocker is also amazing too. Overall its quick, cheap and easy. 

Batiste The Lifesaver!

I seemed to have always used batiste original for my hair but only on the odd occasion. Recently were i have just finished university and have been working a hell of a lot i decided to try out another one of there range. This stuff is honestly amazing! It serves me well for being on the go and those rushed mornings when I'm getting ready. As i have a very demanding job it also works well in not letting my hair fall back to looking slightly unclean which i think is great. I chose the cherry scent as i love love love a fruity scent and this smell sooo good! you just can't go wrong. 

So you 
Then your all good to go

I really recommend this if you are always on the go, traveling or also if your hair gets greasy quickly. 

I picked this up in Superdrug for £1.49 as it was on a half price deal normally £3. I would still buy this product even without the deal as over all it works for me and is such a quick fix. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

15 Minute Detox Mask

                  Pure Pores 15 minute detox mask 50ml Along Came Betty Range - Tesco

I loved using this mask it was easy to apply on the skin and smells wonderful. It smells amaaaazing!. It left my skin feeling soft, fresh and glowing. The tub goes a long way for its price of £3.66 so a bargain if you buy individual sachets and use a face mask on a regular basis. Also the packaging is super cute!. I use this when i have had a very busy day or week and have not stuck to my usual skincare routine for that time so that my skin feels healthy and fresh after.

I really recommend to try it if you use face masks as your skin care routine or just love those girly pamper nights!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

PRIMARK - Hask Argan Oil

Hask Argan Oil - PRIMARK

This Argan oil is amazing. The bottle is 18ml and cost only £2.50 it is one of my favorite . I have been putting this on my hair when its wet and you can also use it when your hair is dry. Only using a coin size amount which is enough. After using this for a couple of times i could really tell the difference and was really surprised with the results so silky and smooth. Many Argan oils are quite pricey and i really think that this does as good of a job for its price and also its a good size even to use on your travels.

Hask Argan oil - Primark - £2.50

Losing Weight, What About Gaining Weight?

People love to discover the newest methods and diets to loose weight, but what about other who have a struggle being a healthy weight. I understand that all people are different and can be unhappy with themselves however they look. But is there really any help for people trying to gain weight.

So this is my story …
 Me at nearly 9 stone

me at 7.5 stone

At the age of 17-18 i was happy with life i was at six form and was very happy with the weight i was. I was 8.5 stone and leading to be 9 stone. I felt very good, my clothes were a perfect fit for me wearing a size 8 to 10 and overall this made me have a healthier life style. 

Once i hit 19 things changed. I had started my art foundation course before i was planning to go to uni. My grandad became very ill at that time. He was a massive part of my life and a father figure as i lived with my mum sis and nan and grandad. He was with me everyday and was a wonderful support for what i was doing with my life. I had also started a part time job at that time and became very worn down balancing work, education and my family.

Just before my university start in september was when my grandad past away. This was when things became very bad for me. My weight dropped dramatically a i was under 7.5 stone. Everything looked terrible on me and size 6 wouldn't even fit great!. My skin also felt the damage. The doctors said i was ok. But i wasn't i felt so unhealthy and was tired all the time. Most of the time i slept. This was all combined with my stress of uni. Since my unexpected weight loss i have had problems with my arms the doctors did NOTHING! they only offer nutritionist on rare cases! My weight loss was down to a range of stresses.

Through out uni i have been battling to put on weight it would go up and down. I decided to try and eat more with my 3 main meals a day, that didn't work. Tried eating very unhealthy fatty foods, that didn't work. Then i decided to eat more and often. So five times a day i would eat something this really helped me. I could see my weight improve very slowly. I began to focus more on my future and my design work and this helped me forget about negativity.

Now i am happy to say that i have finished my course with a 2:1 and am just slowly reaching back to 8.5 stone. The best advice i can give is to push for help, talk to your loved ones and don't over work yourself trying to eat to much it will make you feel worse!
Everyone used to tell me that i was lucky and how they would love to be my size but always remember everyone is different and will have things that they don't like about themselves.


If anyone has any questions id be happy to help comment, email me at or tweet me @printsandpretty or let me know your views.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Colours: Marshmallow (left) Bubble Gum (right)

Firstly sorry about the state of my blushers! I'm sooo messy!

These MUA blushers are amazing! The colours, the price and the amount that you get really is good. Bubble Gum is my favourite colour and have been using this a long time with my everyday make up and also for some special occasions.

Marshmallow i think for me is one of those colours that looks bright on my skin tone. I only use this on rare occasions on a night out. I would only use a small amount of this on my cheeks as the colour for me comes out strong and quite bold for me.

I was very impressed with the pigmentation of the blushers for the price they were selling at. I decided to buy these after me buying a range of the MUA £1 lipsticks as i wanted to experiment with a range of different colours and after trying these i was very excited that i had found make up which not only was so affordable but really worked well with my skin. I really recommend the Make Up Academy and its products. 
I will be reviewing my MUA lipsticks soon as the range of colours are lovely.

Heres the link to check out all of there products -

Has anyone else got any MUA favourites? 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Final Collection At University

my final collection at uni 

My collection was based on crystals and capturing there textures and colour. I really enjoyed the tie dye  method and felt that it captured details from crystals. From playing with colour and textures i decided to combine drawings of crystals with the tie dye textures to create different patterns. This collection was based for a teenage market and i created 3 final wallpapers a 3 fabric lengths. 

This was my final hand in at uni a lot of work but so worth while.

This was my final presentation at new designers. New designers is for graduates to show off there designs and work and get noticed as a lot of companies attend the event. It was such a great experience and if anyone gets the chance i really recommend that you do it. Its a great way to make connections and get chatting to people. Its also good to meet other recent graduates and see there amazing work. Let me know what you guys think xx

Make Up Wish List

Graduating And My University Experience

Hi guys
So now that i have graduated and are done with university i have decided to start a new blog as i stopped posting on my old one through out uni in my second year. The work load was to much.

But i am back and pleased to say the hard work paid off. I graduated with a 2:1 in textiles design and am very pleased. I went to london metropolitan university as i decided to stay in london as my family, boyfriend and friends all were close by. Some people prefer to move away and have the party and study lifestyle but i wasn't much of a party girl i just stuck to the designing.

Doing a textiles course is pretty hard balancing sketchbook work, designs and outcomes with essay and a dissertation at the end however if you have a passion for textiles it is 100% enjoyable and you will get through. On my course you learnt a range of skills knit, print, stitch and weave. I decided to go into print design for interiors but also do love fashion. The course allows you to go in to fashion or interiors which you can also learn skills for both and even design for both. If you have any questions about the course please comment bellow.

Graduation day was very exciting however i wasn't very well on the day but i pushed through. It was so nice to see the day come around and finally have the sense of achievement as sometimes when times were stressful it was hard to see this day. I think walking up on stage was the most scary part. However i had a lovely day and had a lovely meal a Browns restaurant after the ceremony.

I would just like to say thank you to all my family my boyfriend and friends for putting up with me and supporting my through this time. I couldn't have done it without them!