Saturday, 13 September 2014

Losing Weight, What About Gaining Weight?

People love to discover the newest methods and diets to loose weight, but what about other who have a struggle being a healthy weight. I understand that all people are different and can be unhappy with themselves however they look. But is there really any help for people trying to gain weight.

So this is my story …
 Me at nearly 9 stone

me at 7.5 stone

At the age of 17-18 i was happy with life i was at six form and was very happy with the weight i was. I was 8.5 stone and leading to be 9 stone. I felt very good, my clothes were a perfect fit for me wearing a size 8 to 10 and overall this made me have a healthier life style. 

Once i hit 19 things changed. I had started my art foundation course before i was planning to go to uni. My grandad became very ill at that time. He was a massive part of my life and a father figure as i lived with my mum sis and nan and grandad. He was with me everyday and was a wonderful support for what i was doing with my life. I had also started a part time job at that time and became very worn down balancing work, education and my family.

Just before my university start in september was when my grandad past away. This was when things became very bad for me. My weight dropped dramatically a i was under 7.5 stone. Everything looked terrible on me and size 6 wouldn't even fit great!. My skin also felt the damage. The doctors said i was ok. But i wasn't i felt so unhealthy and was tired all the time. Most of the time i slept. This was all combined with my stress of uni. Since my unexpected weight loss i have had problems with my arms the doctors did NOTHING! they only offer nutritionist on rare cases! My weight loss was down to a range of stresses.

Through out uni i have been battling to put on weight it would go up and down. I decided to try and eat more with my 3 main meals a day, that didn't work. Tried eating very unhealthy fatty foods, that didn't work. Then i decided to eat more and often. So five times a day i would eat something this really helped me. I could see my weight improve very slowly. I began to focus more on my future and my design work and this helped me forget about negativity.

Now i am happy to say that i have finished my course with a 2:1 and am just slowly reaching back to 8.5 stone. The best advice i can give is to push for help, talk to your loved ones and don't over work yourself trying to eat to much it will make you feel worse!
Everyone used to tell me that i was lucky and how they would love to be my size but always remember everyone is different and will have things that they don't like about themselves.


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