Sunday, 4 January 2015

Beauty Wishlist

So the start of my 2015 i thought i would start my current wish lists. I think i really need to stop spending so much money on the things i don't need! Ha!
Christmas has just gone and I am very happy that i received new make up and real techniques brushes as part of my presents. Cant wait to try all my stuff out and blog it!. This list is things that i would like to add to my beauty collection over time and its a selection of affordable products as well as pretty expensive products. Is it worth £37 for a Tom Ford lipstick? please do let me know the colours look gorgeous and packaging is super cute!. I would love to hear what you guys think and what products you are really loving at the moment!

Beauty Wishlist

Zoeva brush set £51, Maybelline Great Lash £3.99 (currently on Asos), Tarte blush £17, Rimmel Apocalips£6.49, Dr Paw Paw balm £7, Tom Ford lipstick £37, Lush Bubble Gum Scrub £5.50, Make up revolution blush palette £6, Max factor Skin Luminizer Foundation £12

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The LOVE I Have For Soap And Glory

This huge soap and glory set i received as a xmas present from my mum. I love this so much inside you get everything a girl loves and needs which all of it smells amazing! It also comes in a handy little bag and the box I'm sure i will get use out of to store products. I haven't tried all of the bits inside yet but I'm working my way through. 

At the moment these two products i have been using so much and to be fair they seem to be going a very long way. As i have wanted to relax feel pampered and refreshed over the christmas break these are the best for it! 

ORANGEASM body wash - This smells so fresh and as you can tell of oranges. Every time i have used this my skin has felt super clean and also tingly fresh when I'm done. I have also felt more energetic and awake for the day. 

WHIPPED CLEAN shower butter - This stuff is AMAZING i have never felt so soft and smooth after using a product. Also the smell is a dream! A small amount of this goes a long way along with the body wash. This also doesn't bring me up in a rash which is really good as quite a few other brands do as my skin is quite sensitive.

Check out there full range of products here at boots as i really recommend them. As some of there products are quite pricey i would purchase these as a little treat here and then for myself!

2015 Happy New Year

Firstly i hope that everyone had a wonderful christmas and new year! I have had the BEST time and feel so lucky to be surrounded by some amazing friends, boyfriend and family. I haven't really blogged since october as i haven't been well at certain points and also super busy so i just want to say a big sorry for that. This year i am planning to blog as much as i can! I promise as much as i can guys! This new year my main focus is to get healthy, focus on creating some new textiles projects (maybe try kick off my business) and trying not to worry about anything as this always seems to get in the way of what i do in life. Im certainly looking forward to a happy and enjoyable 2015. Also i would just like to say thank you for everyone for spoiling me this xmas i really appreciate everything that i got and loved spending time with my loved ones too.

Thought i would add this pic in of the tree as my mum was super proud of it

What was your best part of christmas and what will you guys be focusing on for the new year?? 
Feel free to comment bellow as i would love to hear from you! Also will be doing a blog post soon of some things that i received for christmas however some things i may blog before this.