Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 Happy New Year

Firstly i hope that everyone had a wonderful christmas and new year! I have had the BEST time and feel so lucky to be surrounded by some amazing friends, boyfriend and family. I haven't really blogged since october as i haven't been well at certain points and also super busy so i just want to say a big sorry for that. This year i am planning to blog as much as i can! I promise as much as i can guys! This new year my main focus is to get healthy, focus on creating some new textiles projects (maybe try kick off my business) and trying not to worry about anything as this always seems to get in the way of what i do in life. Im certainly looking forward to a happy and enjoyable 2015. Also i would just like to say thank you for everyone for spoiling me this xmas i really appreciate everything that i got and loved spending time with my loved ones too.

Thought i would add this pic in of the tree as my mum was super proud of it

What was your best part of christmas and what will you guys be focusing on for the new year?? 
Feel free to comment bellow as i would love to hear from you! Also will be doing a blog post soon of some things that i received for christmas however some things i may blog before this.