Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Final Collection At University

my final collection at uni 

My collection was based on crystals and capturing there textures and colour. I really enjoyed the tie dye  method and felt that it captured details from crystals. From playing with colour and textures i decided to combine drawings of crystals with the tie dye textures to create different patterns. This collection was based for a teenage market and i created 3 final wallpapers a 3 fabric lengths. 

This was my final hand in at uni a lot of work but so worth while.

This was my final presentation at new designers. New designers is for graduates to show off there designs and work and get noticed as a lot of companies attend the event. It was such a great experience and if anyone gets the chance i really recommend that you do it. Its a great way to make connections and get chatting to people. Its also good to meet other recent graduates and see there amazing work. Let me know what you guys think xx